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Effortless and Secure Data Sync

The Key to Getting Data Value

What is data quality?

Data is one of the most valuable assets a business has. All factors to develop the business need data, and businesses that have control over their data accelerate. Data provides the information you need to perform day-to-day tasks and make important decisions, and for this to work you need the data to be of good quality.

“But what is data quality”, you may ask. Imagine that all the IT systems you have in your business could interact and that the data you have in the different systems automatically updated itself, regardless of which systems you use. When new systems are added to your business, they automatically retrieve the data needed from the other systems, like all the necessary information on your customers, products, or employees. The information is correct, and your systems talk to each and keep each other constantly updated, providing the user with the data they need when they need it. That is good data quality.

Why data quality is important

A prerequisite for a system to work is that it has all the data it needs, with the right data quality. Only then will it be able to perform the task it is designed for. That is why data quality is so important. If the system has or generates new data that other systems are also interested in - such as a customer’s name, telephone number, or billing address - that data should, completely automatically, be shared where needed, in the right data quality. This will not only save your organisation a lot of time and costs but give you the opportunity to provide your customers with a greater value.

Employees concentrated while working

Why getting good data quality can be challenging

Having many tools and systems specially designed for specific tasks should help drive the business forward, not slow it down. But, oftentimes, when data is retrieved from one system it loses its meaning making it worthless to other systems and to the users in need of that data. The challenge is that different systems speak different languages and simply don’t understand each other. Trying to integrate these systems and create a common language is also time-consuming and entails high costs and resources, only to create a language that none of the systems speak as well. Bad data quality then leads to errors which lead to reduced insights and bad decision-making. That is why data quality is crucial for all businesses to work.

How Making Tripletex Talk can help you get good data quality

So, getting good data quality is essential, but can also be challenging. In order for all systems to access the data they need to function with maximum efficiency and performance, they must be able to communicate and share information with one another. When implementing system integration, you get one common model, which can restrict the flexibility to make changes after the integration has been established. To address this issue, we instead synchronise the data, letting each system maintain its own model and communicate in its own language using semantics. This may sound complicated, but don't let complexity bring you down, we'll handle everything!

With Making Tripletex Talk, we make sure that all your systems are always updated with the right information. Our service is fully automated, which means that all you need to worry about is what you do best, business. With Making Tripletex Talk, anyone in your business will be able to get the data they need whenever they need it. Our service gives you the freedom to choose, replace and add new tools and systems as you like, tailored to your needs, without any big data integration processes. Your good systems are automatically linked together so that you will always have the data you need in the quality needed. Making Tripletex Talk provides your business with the basic infrastructure you need to get good data quality giving you a great competitive advantage and increasing your chances of success.

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